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Self-Pay Prices for Mr Kucheria

New Consultation  £140.00
Follow-up £100.00


The most popular procedures are listed below with guide package pricing for your information.

Pricing will differ across hospital providers as will specifics within each package.  

Package pricing refers to those procedures which you will pay-for-yourself. 

W3712 Total Hip Replacement (THR) £13,552
W8500 Knee Arthroscopy £  4,106
W4210 W4210 Total Knee Replacement ( TKR)  £13,089
W5200 Unicompartmental Knee Replacement (UKR) £12,322
W4280 Bilateral Total Knee Replacement £17,920
W3720 Robotic Assisted THR £14,235
W5830 Robotic Assisted TKR £15,260
W5820 Robotic Assisted UKR £15,055


For more information, please contact Mr Kucheria’s private medical secretary on 01753 830409 or email