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Our Practice

Castleview Clinic is a professional group of experienced orthopaedic surgeons based in Windsor. 

Set up in 2015 by Mr Rakesh Kucheria and Mr Henry Bourke, and recently joined by Mr Ciaran McGarvey, Castleview Clinic aims to provide fast, accurate diagnosis and the latest treatments for a wide range of conditions, from knee and hip problems to fracture injuries – whether this be a sporting injury, trauma injury or arthritis degeneration.  We welcome and can treat all ages from young children up to more elderly age groups.

We advocate non-surgical methods of treatment such as physiotherapy or injections be tried first to treat your problem.  However, surgery may be required to ensure the best longstanding outcome for you.

We are supported by a superb team of medical secretaries, anaesthetists, radiologists, physiotherapists and nurses to provide the best possible service to you.

We appreciate hip and knee problems can be very restrictive and have a major impact on all your home, professional and sporting life - and so our aim is to help you get back to your normal fitness as quickly as possible, whilst providing a personal, caring and professional service.