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Testimonials - Hip

Glenn, age 67 

Surgery: Total Hip Replacement September 2021 

“My wife and I have faced 12 challenges and I have raised in excess of £500k for charity. It is 12 weeks since my surgery and we intend to train for another trek when we are able to and COVID permitting - thanks to Mr Kucheria and the robotic surgery. Mr Kucheria seems to have cured my hip problem and I would highly recommend him and the robotic surgery.


Derek, age 70 

Surgery: Total Hip Replacement  July 2021 

“Mr Kucheria exudes an air of calmness and is very well respected by his peers and clinical teams. My Kucheria was particualrly diligent and even came in to see me on a Sunday. I have recommended Mr Kucheria to many of my friends who have already booked in to see him."


Kaarina, age 52 

Surgery: Total Hip Replacement  March 2021 

“Mr Kucheria and his nursing team were fantastic and I am so thankful to them. On New Year’s Eve, the staff even made sure I could see the fireworks through the window so I could join in the celebrations. I feel immensely relieved and so much happier now. I am back to where I was two years ago walking long distances and no need for pain relief. I’m now really looking forward to getting back to work. Thank you so much Mr Kucheria for making this possible.” 

Robin, age 71

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Hip Replacement, January 2021

“Surgery could not have gone better. It's the best thing I've ever had done. If I'd known then what I know now, I would have had this surgery ten years ago. Mr Kucheria has perfectly extended my leg, so both legs are the same length and it feels great. Mr Kucheria is a lovely man and I have already recommended him to some of my friends. " 


Gay, age 65

Surgery: Total Hip Replacement, January 2021

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for my recent hip replacement surgery which was carried out at Heatherwood Hospital on December 11th with Mr Kucheria. The surgery has already made a huge difference to my everyday life allowing me to walk between 4,000-6,000 steps a day.

During the difficulties of this pandemic, I am truly grateful for your professional skill and the speed with which you organised my surgery in such a short time." 


Neil, age 60

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Hip Replacement, November 2020

“I have been injured all my life playing sport, so I have been particularly focused on finding the best consultant to help with my ongoing needs. Six months on, I am living and working normally again. I am thoroughly enjoying playing 18 holes of golf and running three times a week for five miles a time. Mr Kucheria has proved to be extremely valuable and I can confidently recommend him for robotic-assisted replacement surgery."

David, age 57

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Hip Replacement, September 2019

“I was in hospital for three nights and the medical care was excellent. I was down to one crutch in two weeks, no crutches in five weeks and driving again with ease at six weeks. I would recommend the robotic-assisted surgery to anyone – the whole process was excellent. Mr Kucheria is refreshingly spot on and knows exactly what he is doing. He has made such a huge difference to my life which I can completely enjoy once again”.

Bill, age 57

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Hip Replacement, August 2019

“Having endured months of ever increasing hip and joint pain following a hip accident and subsequent repair, I was referred to Mr Kucheria at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital. He recommended the new technique of robotic-assisted total hip replacement.

I managed to walk to the operating theatre in pain and woke in recovery about 1.5 hours later completely free of pain having had the full robotic replacement. I was back on my feet the same day, was crutch free within three weeks, and almost walking without any discomfort after five weeks.

The robotic surgery is great as it involves less invasive surgery and is done more quickly.

As a result, there is less chance of infection, and less pain and trauma, and it lasts double the length of time of a normal hip replacement. This procedure is to be highly recommended.”

Alan, age 74

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Hip Replacement, August 2019

“' How would you like to be operated on by a robot’ - they were not the words I expected to hear during my initial consultation with Mr Kucheria. Having seen TV programmes previously of the benefits of robotic surgery in terms of faster recovery times and more precision in the surgery itself I readily agreed. Some three weeks after surgery and I am walking without sticks and have good, if at the moment stiff, movement and strength in my operated hip and can climb and descend stairs easily. Hopefully I will soon be allowed to resume driving and once my muscles have healed will get back to carving divots in any golf course I am on.”

Robert, age 63

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Hip Replacement, July 2019

“I was recommended to Mr Kucheria by my brother who was a radiographer and had much experience of hip replacement surgeons. I met with him in late April 2019 and he immediately arranged a scan which clearly showed the damage and wear and tear to my hip. The whole process went extremely smoothly. The use of robotics was explained to me and how this would enable much greater accuracy regarding measurements and positioning of my new hip.

After the surgery I was out of bed and walking up and down the corridor the next day and was doing physiotherapy from day one. I was climbing up and down the stairs on day two and home on day three. Overall, I was progressing very well and was walking with just one crutch or a stick by two weeks after the operation and was off all pain killers in less than 10 days other than an occasional paracetomol. By five weeks I was walking virtually normally and then just needed  physiotherapy to correct the bad habits I had built up over the years. I was driving and walking the dogs shortly after this with no difficulty at all”.

Norman, age 67

Surgery: Total Hip Replacement, June 2019

After the success of my full hip replacement, I am now fully mobile without any pain. I actually enjoy walking again as that was very painful before the replacement.  Thank-you Mr Kucheria, for giving me back my mobility, and thank you to all the team and staff at Spire for looking after me so well.

Sally, age 66

Surgery:Total Hip Replacement on both hips, May 2019

I am a keen horse rider having owned horses for the last 30 years. About 3-4 years ago, I started really struggling to get on and off my horse. Riding was very painful with the hip jolting with the horses' movement. Walking was becoming very difficult with regard to the distance I could go and negotiating stairs.  An X-ray showed my right hip to be very lacking in cartilage and the left one not far behind. Within days, my right hip was totally replaced by Mr Kucheria. I had no pain and could walk normally without the awkward gait I had had before. 

I knew my left hip would have to be replaced and 6 months ago it was. I could have been operated on sooner by another surgeon, but I hung on for Mr Kucheria as I had had such success  with the other operation. This has also been superb and my horse-riding position is better than ever. I get on so easily and sit deep in the saddle and getting off is also just as straightforward as I can swing my leg right over and jump down. I thought I would never be able to do this again.

The operation went well with the expertise of Mr Kucheria and Dr Stapleton and the aftercare was also excellent. I have recommended Mr Kucheria to several people.

Louise, age 55

Surgery: Total Hip Replacement, January 2019

I have suffered with severe hip pain for a longtime and went to various doctor only to be given even more medication or physiotherapy to which neither was helping. Despite being a carer for my mum and also a parent to an 11-year-old child the doctors said, at 55 I was too young to have the operation. I was in so much pain and constant distress as couldn't sit or walk for long. Eventually, I was offered a consultation with Mr Kucheria who after X-rays and looking at me and listening, which many doctors don't, he agreed to operate. Mr Kucheria came to see me and said after the operation things would change. I was up and about the following day after a complete hip replacement and he told me everything was good and I could go home. 

My whole life has changed, I'm on no medication and have zero pain. My scar is hardly noticeable, and I have my life back. Mr Kucheria listened to me and decided what was best and he was right - I now do so much with my life that I could never have done before. I went to see him for my 6-month check, and everything is fabulous which I knew it would be. There are certain people in this world that make such a difference to someone's life with their skills and Mr Kucheria, without a doubt, falls into that category.

Roy, age 91

Surgery: Total Hip Replacement

After the success of my full hip replacement at the ripe age of 91, I had no hesitation in seeking the services of Mr Kucheria once again. It's been just six weeks from my second hip operation and it is another triumph. I am moving well and have been thoroughly looked after since the operation.

After two thoroughly successful operations I have my mobility and freedom back and I cannot be more grateful to Mr Kucheria.

Robert, age 61

Surgery: Total Hip Replacement, May 2017 and Bilateral Simultaneous Total Knee Replacement, January 2018

I was experiencing pain in my left hip, my left leg was bowed and painful and my right knee was painful as well, impacting quite heavily on my lifestyle.

In May 2017, phase one started with a total hip replacement. Mr Kucheria's team were marvellous and reassured me throughout the entire process. After the operation, I was much more mobile and pain free in a very short period of time.

In January 2018, phase two resulted in a simultaneous bilateral total knee replacement. Being self-employed, the thought of one period of hospitalisation and convalescence appealed to me. The operation went well, aided by Mr Bourke who did my left knee whilst Mr Kucheria simultaneously did my right knee.  Again, total success, a speedy recovery and a straight leg in the process!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Kucheria and his team to any future patients. Before the operations, holidays were seriously impacted by the pain, and day to day life was affected as well. My life has been turned around. Thank you. 


Surgery: Total knee replacement (1) June 2016, Total Knee Replacement (2) January 2017, Total Hip Replacement May 2017

I have always tried to avoid doctors and hospitals, but my legs were so bad and crooked that I had to have them done or I would have been in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Mr Kucheria changed all that for me and I can now walk properly. I do use a stick and am also doing some exercises to help strengthen my muscles.

Mr Kucheria operated on both my knees and the hip on my right side. He is a lovely man and looked after me well during my stay in hospital. Had I known years ago how easy it all seemed I would have had them done before - so very many thanks to him.

Anthony, age 67

Surgery: Left Hip March 2016 and Right Hip March 2017

I was in great pain with my left hip after many years of climbing ladders in the building game. The X-ray showed there was no cartilage left so it was bone on bone. The right hip showed up on the X-ray as it had more arthritis than the left but still had some cartilage, so it was not painful.  The first operation went fantastically well - I was driving within three weeks as I have an automatic car. The second hip a year later went just as smoothly. Mr Kucheria had to lengthen the leg a small bit this time, so it took a little longer before I could drive, because of having to operate the brake pedal.

I cannot thank Mr Kucheria, his team and all the staff at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital enough - they were all fantastic. I have recommended Mr Kucheria to several of my friends andcolleagues and all I can say is, if anyone need hip surgery this is the man to do it!


Surgery:  Hip Replacement

Thank-you Mr Kucheria, for giving me back my left hip and mobility. I went to my first Zumba class yesterday, and the realisation that I could now fully stretch my quadriceps in my left leg absolutely amazed me, because I could not do that before the operation. 

I can't thank you enough. I don't like to talk in cliches, but it has completely changed my life for the better and I can now completely go back to being an old teenager.

Patsy, age 54

Surgery: Left total hip replacement, 2015

My symptoms started with a dull ache in the groin and was particularly severe at night-time. I was physically fit and well at the time - gyming four times a week, sailing, enjoying long cycle rides at weekends - there were no other symptoms. 

I was diagnosed in the May 2015 and surgery was carried out in October 2015. I had an excellent epidural and light anaesthetic given by Dr Stapleton. My recovery was uneventful and I was given excellent care by Mr Kucheria and all the staff at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital during my stay. My mobility within 4-6 weeks was excellent and I was free of any pain.  I now do reform Pilates twice a week to keep my hips flexible. 

Since my operation I have recommended Mr Kucheria to many people who have asked my advice.


Carolyn, age 58

Surgery: Hip Replacement, 2013

The operation was done with an epidural and slight sedation and within hours of the epidural wearing off I was standing upright and walking. It was incredible - no more pain. 

I am now able to enjoy playing tennis and sailing again. I would recommend Mr Kucheria and his team for their knowledge and expertise and thank them for the superb treatment I received.