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Testimonials - Knee

Maggie, age 65

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Knee Replacements  September 2021

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Henry Bourke for my two total robotic knee replacement in 5 months, during Lockdown, which have totally changed my life.  Mr Bourke has given me back my mobility and I cannot thank him enough for his expertise, amazing care and kindness."


Leslie, age 69

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Partial Knee Replacement  July 2021

"Mr Bourke is at the top of his game and I have already recommended him to some of my friends. I would have no reservation whatsoever to go back and see Mr Bourke if I needed my other knee done."


Rob, age 58

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Partial Knee Replacement  May 2021

"Mr Bourke's advice was great and very patient focused. He concentrated on delaying surgery to ensure my new knee would last as long as possible. I have total confidence in Mr Bourke's ability. He is young, has a lovely manner and completely trustworthy - I would have no hesitation in recommmedning him. It is such a huge relief to have had the surgery.  I am walking much straighter and am sleeping well. It is fantastic to finally get back to a new sense of normality being back  on the golf course in Denham and even getting my first ever hole in one."


Barry, age 57

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Knee Replacement  February 2021

"Mr Kucheria was incredibly friendly and chatty, and he would always answer any questions I had. Everything he said would happen, did happen - his knowledge and experience is exceptional. The staff at The Princess Margaret Hospital were also so caring, helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend Mr Kucheria and robotic surgery."


Dial, age 82

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Partial Knee Replacement January 2021

"I had robotic-assisted partial knee replacement surgery with Mr Kucheria in October 2020 at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). I would give the while experience 10/10. Mr Kucheria, Dr Desai and the staff at PMH were very, very good. I can walk 45 minutes regularly - usually at 6 in the morning. I am also enjoying being to cycle for 10 minutes at a time too. Mr Kucheria is very down-to-earth, is passionate about what he does, is very kind and he treated me like we were all a family. I would strongly recommend Mr Kucheria and robotic surgery."


Geoff, age 73

Surgery: Knee Arthroscopy December 2020

"Just wanted to record my thanks to Mr Bourke for his treatment of my knee. My friend recommended that I consult him for a second opinion, having been previously told, by another surgeon, that I needed a hip replacement to address my continuing knee pain. Mr Bourke proceeded to assess the situation regarding my (pain free) hip and my knee with the aid of an anaesthetic injecion in the hip joint. The procedure then suggested was an arthroscopy on my knee. This took place, and one month later I am going for long walks and catching up with maintenance of our garden. I have to say that, throughout the process, Mr Bourke was sympathetic, thoughtful and logical. It really felt like a "joint" effort and it has cured my pain. Once again, many thanks."


Jenny, age 58

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacement November 2020

"Mr Bourke,  I just wanted to say a huge thank you for  all your care and attention before, during and after my knee replacement.  Thank you for the great job you did in surgery and for being so encouraging in  my follow-up appointments. I am determined to carry on with the exercises and eventually reward  myself with climbing Table Mountain again eventually. Then I will know I have really made it."   


Maria, age 59

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacement July 2020

" Mr I'm fairly level-headed and decided on the robotic surgery as it had evidence of very good results in precision of cutting and accuracy of placing the implant. The operation went really well, and the recovery time was super quick. I had a nerve block rather than a general anaesthetic which meant I did not have any side effects. I was extremely impressed with the surgery – I was out of bed the day following surgery and able to do the stairs holding on to the side. Mr Bourke was really great and he fully managed my expectations."

Caroline, age 53

Surgery: RIght Distal Varising Osteotomy of the Femur July 2020

“I have been really pleased with my progress. I completed a half marathon walk on VE day in May and although my leg tired I didn’t have any real pain. This was a personal milestone following my operation last September and now I’m looking at my next one. I would thoroughly recommend Mr Bourke. He was very approachable and very patient-focused, setting my expectations of what was to come to the right level. The pre and post-op care was fantastic. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to get back to sport.”

Sarah, age 59

Surgery: Left ACL Reconstruction February 2020

I'm writing this from New Zealand. I just wanted to let you know that so far we’ve climbed three peaks. Today’s was the most challenging, climbing 4000 and back down again in 27 degrees heat. The amazing thing is that my knee has been brilliant. Not a tweak was had. I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I never thought it would be this good again, but it is."

Jackie, age 75

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacement January 2020

"My recovery has been amazing and after two weeks I no longer needed pain killers and at five weeks Mr Bourke was able to discharge me as my X-ray showed the knee was well healed and I was walking normally without sticks...  You would not even know I had surgery. I am walking as fast as anyone, doing Pilates and gardening once again. Mr Bourke is a brilliant surgeon and I can’t believe the operation has gone as well as it did. I would recommend anyone to go to Mr Bourke and have robotic-assisted surgery.”

Sarah, age 59

Surgery: ACL Reconstruction Allograft February 2020 

"Mr Bourke, I'm writing this from New Zealand. I just wanted to let you know that so far, we’ve climbed three peaks. Today’s was the most challenging, climbing 4000 metres and back down again in 27 degrees heat. The amazing thing is that my knee has been brilliant. Not a tweak was had. I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I never thought it would be this good again, but it is."

Jackie, age 75

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacement January 2020 

"I was in a lot of pain walking as I needed a knee replacement. Since I had robotic surgery to replace my left knee, I can walk with no pain at all. It has been brilliant. The care Mr Kucheria provided was top class and recovery was much quicker than I could have imagined. I am very grateful to Mr Kucheria."

Bob, age 71

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Partial Knee Replacement January 2020

"I am walking properly for the first time in 18 months. I have some stiffness in my leg and the odd twinge but this is minor compared to the difficulty I previously had walking. The robotic procedure seemed to leave me with much less pain than I had expected after surgery. When I had my final meeting with Mr Bourke, he told me how pleased he was with my progress telling me at the same time that a full recovery would take up to 12 months.

I have been very happy and relieved with the whole process and the care I received before and after the operation."

Niall, age 54

Surgery: Robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacement August 2019

 “The symptoms I experienced before my op, was constant pain of bone on bone, that then caused a baker’s cyst behind my knee. Mr Bourke said that the surgery was to be robot-assisted, I was amazed and somewhat nervous, as it is a fairly new concept. However, the operation went extremely well, and my recovery was rapid. Four weeks after surgery found me completing a 10k bike ride. The scarring is minimal, and my knee is well on the way to a full recovery.

The care and attention before and after my surgery from Mr Bourke and his team of physios has been second to none, and would not hesitate in recommending anyone to seek his professional help."


Surgery: Total Knee Replacement June 2019

"I had been suffering with my left knee for many years and last year it eventually got to the point where the pain was too great and the knee was starting to lock up. Mr Kucheria came highly recommended to me and proved to be a good choice. He advised that I needed a full knee replacement. The physio was excellent and kept me working hard! He had me up and walking (on crutches)12 hours after the operation. The full recovery program took about 15 minutes every hour, so I was spending a lot of time getting my movement back. I quickly noticed that my balance was better than it had been for years. I stopped taking pain killers after two weeks and haven't needed any since. 

It's taken a while to get back into walking. By the end of the first month, the most I could manage in  day was about 5 miles, On 20th June, I completed my longest ever walk - 23 miles - just 6 months afater my operation. My net goal is to do a walking marathon." 

Lyn, age 65 Surgery:

Total Knee Replacement, 2013 and April 2018

"I wish to thank Mr Kucheria for giving me back the quality of my life I'm now able to lead.  After suffering years of pain, due to osteoarthritis, and following the knee replacements, I have been enjoying pastimes I love the most - playing with the grandchildren and walking my dog for miles each day without fear of any pain. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart Mr Kucheria." 

Christine, age 71

Surgery: Left Unicompartmental Knee Replacement, July 2017

"It is six months since I underwent knee surgery for osteonecrosis .... The pain I experienced vanished almost immediately and, thanks to Mr Bourke's skill and expertise of his physiotherapist, I was able to return to normal life after about six weeks. I now attend the gym three times a week and have resumed our walk along the South Downs Way.  In November, we completed a seventeen mile stretch over two days between Amberley and Falking.

Having been in discomfort for over a year, I had begun to think my active life might be coming to and end. Thanks to Mr Bourke's successful intervention that is patently not the case!"


Surgery: Total knee replacement (1) June 2016, Total Knee Replacement (2) January 2017, Total Hip Replacement May 2017

"I have always tried to avoid doctors and hospitals, but my legs were so bad and crooked that I had to have them done or I would have been in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Mr Kucheria changed all that for me and I can now walk properly. I do use a stick  and am also doing some exercises to help strengthen my muscles.

Mr Kucheria operated on both my knees and also the hip on my right side. He is a lovely man and looked after me well during my stay in hospital. Had I known years ago how easy it all seemed I would have had them done before - so very many thanks to him."

Patrick, age 58

Surgery: Right Knee Replacement January 2017 and Left Knee Replacement May 2017 

"I had been suffering with my knees for many years and it was decided I would have my knee replacements done one at a time. I had a stress-free stay in hospital with each knee due to Mr Bourke being an extremely skilled surgeon with an efficient team behind him. Mr Bourke is a true gentleman with an exemplary bedside manner and I would recommend him to anyone."


Surgery: Unicompartmental Knee Replacement, January 2017

"Mr Bourke has performed medial unicompartmental replacements on  both knees - he is a skilled and empathetic surgeon who has given me a new lease of life, moving without pain. I was even able to return to riding my horse six weeks after each procedure."