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Fracture Fixation

Fractures in the UK are mostly treated by the NHS after referral through A&E. Some fractures require immediate fixation due to the compromise of the other structures around the bones such as nerves and blood vessels. Other fractures are ‘stable’ initially and can be held in a brace or plaster until surgery. Fracture healing initially happens slowly and in adults with stable fractures there is little or no new bone formation in the first 1-2 weeks. Fractures fixation therefore does not need to go ahead straight away and can be planned. Mr Bourke and Mr Kucheria both have a broad training in fracture fixation of bones all over the body and if you would like to consider having your treatment in the private sector this can usually be arranged.

Paragon Suite – Wexham Park Hospital

The Paragon Suite is the private wing of Wexham Park Hospital. If you have been seen in A&E already and have been admitted to the hospital as inpatient and would like to be transferred to the Paragon Suite please discuss with the on-call doctors, ward sister or telephone us directly for advice.