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Removal of Metal Plates

Fracture fixation surgery usually involves implantation of metalwork into or alongside the bones. Once the bone has healed the metal screws and plates are essentially redundant and the strength in the bone returns. In some cases orthopaedic surgeons choose to perform a second operation to your arm or leg to remove this metal. This does however come with risks as it is usually involves another anaesthetic and the small chance of damaging the bodies’ tissues particularly nerves and arteries. Thus in many cases the metalwork is left in. The implants have usually been designed to be ‘low profile’ thus not impeding the function of the muscles and tendons of the limbs and joints.

If you have metalwork in and are not sure about whether to leave it there or to have it removed we’d be happy to talk to you about this and to give you as much information as possible regarding the risk and benefits of removal.