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Hip Replacement

A total hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the arthritic or damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial ball and socket joint. It was pioneered in England by Professor Sir John Charnley over 40 years ago and has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine.

At least 50,000 hip replacement operations are carried out in the UK each year, with a success rate of 97%. Around 96% of hip replacements last for ten years, while at least 85% last for 20 years (National Joint Registry Figures).

The surgery usually takes 40-60 minutes. Most of Mr Kucheria’s patients will receive uncemented implants. The arthritic head of the femur (the ball) and the lining of the acetabulum (the socket) are removed. A femoral component is inserted into the healthy section of the patient's thighbone and a hemispherical socket is inserted into the pelvis using a ‘press-fit’ technique. The surface of the artificial hip prostheses is textured and coated with a special compound that stimulates the bone to grow onto its surface fixing it in place. This forms an extremely strong bond which can eliminate any chance of loosening which is a major cause of failure of hip replacement surgery.

A large variety of different prostheses are available from different manufacturers.

Recently there have been concerns about different types of hip replacements and the choice of bearing surfaces. Mr Kucheria will discuss the type of hip replacement and the surface most suitable for you as it can vary with age, activity level and bone shape and quality. Following increased national safety guidelines a system of rating the best implants for hip replacements has been implemented ( and Mr Kucheria almost exclusively uses 10a-rated (the highest standard) hip replacements for your surgery.

The enhanced recovery pathway means pain relief and the length of stay in hospital has been transformed for hip replacements in the last few years.

Below is a video showing Mr Kucheria performing part of a hip replacement operation with enhanced recovery: