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Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is largely a historical term and with the latest technology we think of it now as more a ‘Knee Resurfacing’ as only very fine cuts (9-11mm or 3/8 of an inch) are taken. The benefit of this is to preserve as much of your own knee as possible. These fine cuts remove the worn surfaces replacing them with a very hard and highly polished metal implant that is carefully cemented to the ends of each bone. Between the metal surfaces fits a very hard-wearing plastic (polyethylene) acting as the new cartilage allowing the knee to bend without the patient feeling pain.

The operation takes between an hour and an hour and a half and is done through a straight cut over the front of the knee leaving a neat scar. Both Mr Bourke and Mr Kucheria use the same knee replacement called a PFC Sigma. It was developed in Boston, Massachusetts and manufactured by an American company called DePuy. It is the UK's leading knee replacement being used in 40% of knee replacements each year. It is designed for function and performance.

The enhanced recovery pathway means pain relief and hospital length has been revolutionised for knee replacements in the last few years. 

We work hard with our anaesthetists, nurses, and physiotherapists to constantly update our techniques to make your surgery and recovery as comfortable and as quick as possible.  You will often be walking again 3-4 hours after the surgery has finished and then back home after 2-4 days in hospital.

We will recommend a highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist to guide your recovery in the first month. The standard recovery time for time off work and then a return to driving a car is 6 weeks.

Below is a video showing Mr Kucheria performing part of a knee replacement operation: