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76-year-old had life-changing bilateral simultaneous knee replacement surgery

Richard from Loudwater, had life-changing bilateral simultaneous knee replacement surgery with Mr Kucheria and a colleague at Heatherwood Hospital.

Richard, age 76, had suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for 45 years which had severe impact on his knees, hands and feet. Due to the fluid retention from the inflammation, Richard had to have his knees drained on many an occasion.

He suffered pain, day and night but it was at night when the pain was most severe.

Over the years, he played cricket and rugby but had to give this up when he was quite young and then went on to play badminton but finally had to give that up too with his sore feet.

Richard would see his Rheumatologist regularly and had Xrays but his arthritis had got so bad he was referred to an orthopaedic consultant at Heatherwood Hospital where he met Mr Kucheria. He could have had the one knee replaced, but Richard decided to postpone and a year later the Xrays revealed he needed to have both knees replaced – so he had bilateral simultaneous knee replacement surgery – Mr Kucheria operating on one knee and another surgeon operating on the other knee at exactly the same time. 

Richard experienced no real pain after surgery, was in hospital for 4 nights and left hospital using a zimmer frame. He had physiotherapy for the following two weeks and once he could climb up and down the stairs the physio then saw his strength had much improved and discharged him.

Richard said “It’s now been 8 weeks since my surgery and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. It is so much better than I could possibly have hoped for. I’m walking now with my two dogs unaided and comfortably. I’m so looking forward to getting on my electric bike soon and getting back to our adventures in France staying in our motorhome.”

Richard concludes: “I would certainly recommend having bilateral simultaneous knee replacements, and with Mr Kucheria, in particular, who is so friendly and personable.”