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BA Cabin Crew Kaarina going back to the skies!

As soon as BA flights resume, furloughed Cabin Crew Kaarina, will be back at work following her successful hip replacement with Mr Rakesh Kucheria.

It all started two years ago, when 52 year-old Kaarina, started getting an ache on her left hip and had to repeatedly take paracetamol to make the pain bearable. She went to her GP who booked her in for an Xray at her local hospital – which showed she had moderate to severe osteoarthritis in her left hip. Her GP suggested she initially try physiotherapy. Kaarina had 12 sessions, but these did not work, her pain remained and she had to take strong pain killers. Her GP decided she needed to be referred to an orthopaedic consultant.

Kaarina saw Mr Kucheria on Choose and Book at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor, and the Xray confirmed her hip joint had deteriorated and she needed a hip replacement.

The NHS initially refused Kaarina’s hip replacement, so Mr Kucheria had to reapply stating she was at risk of having a collapsed hip. By then Kaarina was in so much pain she had to stop work - and was then furloughed. Mr Kucheria managed to incorporate Kaarina into his final operating list before Lockdown on New Year’s Eve.

Kaarina said , “Mr Kucheria and his nursing team were fantastic and I am so thankful to them. On New Year’s Eve, the staff even made sure I could see the fireworks through the window so I could join in the celebrations. I feel immensely relieved and so much happier now. I am back to where I was two years ago walking long distances and no need for pain relief. I’m now really looking forward to getting back to work. Thank you so much Mr Kucheria for making this possible.”