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Back in the saddle after robotic hip replacement surgery

Derek Bradley, age 70 is looking forward to enjoying his motorcycle adventures again after robotic hip replacement surgery at The Lister Hospital.

Last August, Derek from Wokingham, started having difficulty with his movement. It was painful to walk long distances and he needed to take more painkillers to deal with the relentless pain. His GP suggested having a hip Xray which confirmed he had degenerative arthritis in both hips, but the left was significantly worse. He initially went to Circle Hospital Reading through Choose and Book and had physiotherapy there. But Derek was not improving, and the pain was getting too much, so he decided to use his private medical insurance.

On the recommendation of an orthopaedic consultant, who he had seen before for his shoulder, he saw Mr Kucheria as he was using the new robotic procedure for hip and knee replacement surgery – which was quicker and better than the traditional option. He contacted Mr Kucheria and had his initial consultation in the December at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital. Because of the imminent third lockdown and COVID causing problems with private hospital surgery, Mr Kucheria said he would need to have his robotic surgery at The Lister Hospital in Chelsea - it had access to ICU, and it was the safest option.

Derek had a CT scan a week before the surgery in January this year and then had to isolate for the rest of that week. He was back in theatre the following week having a spinal epidural and sedation and back awake an hour later. Derek said: “The pain management was very good. Two hours after surgery I was able to walk around.”

After his first follow-up, ten days after his robotic-assisted surgery, Derek was walking without crutches. Derek said: “My hip replacement has been fantastic. Although it is an invasive procedure, and initially my scarring was substantial, the scarring has now completely gone. ”

Derek is now able to get back on his motorbike and ride round the Berkshire roads.

Derek concludes: “Mr Kucheria exudes an air of calmness and is very well respected by his peers and clinical teams. Mr Kucheria was particularly diligent and even came in to see me on a Sunday, the staff at The Lister Hospital were hugely attentive. I have recommended Mr Kucheria to many of my friends who have already booked in to see him!”