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Glenn is back walking and cycling after robotic hip replacement surgery

Glenn, age 67, is back walking and cycling following his recent robotic hip replacement surgery with Mr Kucheria at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital last March.

Over Christmas 2019, Glenn contracted COVID which affected his nervous system. He had to have some neurological tests and subsequent surgery. However, two weeks prior to surgery he slipped on the kitchen floor and his leg gave way.

He had immense pain in his groin and he seemed to have damaged his hip. He went to see an osteopath and had some acupuncture, but his condition didn’t improve.

Glenn did some research and found Mr Kucheria who offered robotic surgery at The Princess Margaret Hospital. He was keen to be seen quickly and decided to pay for his own treatment. He saw Mr Kucheria who confirmed after an Xray and consultation that Glenn’s hip was damaged and would need a hip replacement. Although the robotic surgery was more expensive, it did have better outcomes was more accurate and recovery would be quicker.

Glenn had his COVID test and was booked in for surgery very quickly. He stayed in hospital for two nights.  

After surgery, Glenn felt sore and had a scar about a foot long. Glenn didn’t use crutches but took things easily making sure he followed the physio exercises. Within six weeks, Glenn was able to drive, walk 30 minutes a day and enjoy some cycling. 

Glenn said “My wife and I have faced 12 challenges and have raised in excess of £500k for charity. It is 12 weeks since my surgery and we intend to train for another trek when we are able to and COVID permitting – thanks to Mr Kucheria and the robotic surgery.”

Glenn added “Mr Kucheria seems to have cured my hip problem and I would highly recommend him and the robotic surgery.”