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Life-changing robotic-assisted knee surgery for 57-year-old Service Delivery Manager

Service Delivery Manager, Barry Catlin, had life-changing knee replacement surgery with Mr Rakesh Kucheria at the age of 57.

Barry was a keen amateur footballer playing in the Sunday League but in his mid-20s, Barry slipped in someone’s garden and tore the cartilage in his right knee, needing surgery. He managed to continue playing for another ten years but his knee began swelling up and he had to finally give up playing his much beloved football.

Barry’s knee was interfering with everything - playing tennis, sailing and then last summer, the pain became so extreme he was no longer able to cycle to work. His pain was intermittent – some days he would be limping and need pain killers and other days he would be fine.

He decided to use his private medical insurance and after getting a referral from his GP, he was given a few names and chose Mr Kucheria. The Xray and scan confirmed he had severe osteoarthritis and needed a knee replacement. Mr Kucheria suggested having robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery which was available at The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor.

Barry had the surgery last November and stayed in hospital for two nights. Within two weeks of surgery, Barry could leave his crutches and only needed a stick - and a week later, he no longer needed the stick. Barry was committed to doing his exercises, understanding that to make a full and speedy recovery, commitment to his rehabilitation was key. It was challenging for Barry living on his own during Lockdown after surgery, but close friends were able to drop shopping off for him and made sure he was coping OK.

Barry said ”At three weeks, I was back at work – initially I had to remain office based, but my fantastic colleagues were able to make the appropriate adjustments to my working area and were so supportive. In early January, at six weeks, I was back driving and able to start the 20 minute-walk to work again. When the weather is warmer, I’m hoping to build up my cycling once again.”

Barry added: “Mr Kucheria was incredibly friendly and chatty, and he would always answer any questions I had. Everything he said would happen, did happen - his knowledge and experience is exceptional. The staff at The Princess Margaret Hospital were also so caring, helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend Mr Kucheria and robotic surgery.”