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Maggie enjoying a new lease of life following two robotic knee replacements

Consumer Affairs Manager, Maggie, is enjoying a new lease of life after two robotic total knee replacements six months apart with Mr Henry Bourke.

Maggie was staying with friends, twelve years ago when she twisted her knee, tearing her meniscus. She developed arthritis in both knee joints and needed four arthroscopies - two on each knee. Her consultant said she would need replacements in her sixties but for her to try and withhold till then.

For the last two years Maggie really struggled to walk too far - but the turning point was in January 2020, when she stayed with her daughter in Australia – her daughter could not believe how much her mobility had deteriorated.

Maggie was 65 when she went back to the same consultant in March 2020, who introduced her to Mr Henry Bourke. Mr Bourke reviewed the Xray’s which showed she needed replacements urgently. But then disaster - the first Lockdown happened - and no private surgery was being undertaken. Maggie was determined to keep her knees mobilised as much as possible and exercised with lots of cycling.

Finally, when restrictions eased, she booked her surgery at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital with Mr Bourke’s secretary. She did not want both replacements done together - but instead wanted to see how she got on with the first one. She stayed three nights in hospital.

Maggie said: “The pain was worse for the first three weeks - most intense for the first 10 days and then better for the following 10 days. At 3-4 weeks I started walking and exercised everyday, regularly seeing my physiotherapist for treatment.”

Then six months later, in the throes of the third Lockdown, Maggie had robotic replacement surgery performed on her right knee, at The Lister Hospital in Chelsea – this time only staying in hospital for two nights.  The first three weeks were difficult as she could not see her friends during Lockdown and it was so important to get out and about. The right knee seemed to take a little longer to recover.  At six weeks though, she could drive short distances and initially used leg lifters to get out of the car.

Five months on, Maggie can now walk as far as she wants too, and the muscular pain has stopped. She can go upstairs and downstairs without any pain.

Maggie said: “I would just like to say a huge thank you to Henry Bourke for my two robotic total knee replacements in five months, during lockdown, which have totally changed my life! Mr Bourke has given me back my mobility and I cannot thank him enough for his expertise, amazing care and kindness.”