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Marathon runner back running after robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery

Neil, a former semi-professional footballer and marathon runner managed to have successful robotic-hip replacement surgery just before Lockdown.

Neil now aged 60 and a CEO from Hertfordshire decided to get his second hip replaced when he started getting a limp. Originally, Neil had endured issues with both hips suffering a birth defect with the ball joint being bigger than the socket. Nevertheless, he managed to play football throughout his life. When his right hip started getting much worse, Neil talked to his highly respected orthopaedic consultant who recommended he see Mr Kucheria - who was undertaking pioneering robotic-assisted hip surgery at BMI the Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor.

Neil was impressed how technology had moved on since he had his hip replaced four years previously. The robotic-assisted surgery was less intrusive, the system better and the recovery was faster.

Neil was due to go to the United States in March, but when the conference was cancelled Neil managed to get the last operating slot on the Thursday before Lockdown.

Neil was in hospital for only two nights. The pain after surgery was manageable and Neil controlled the pain with limited pain killers. He walked out of the hospital on one crutch and within two weeks was crutch free. Neil was particularly disciplined with his post-rehabilitation, doing daily exercises and within few weeks he had a personal trainer doing sessions on zoom. Six weeks after surgery Neil was issued with a clean bill of health and continued with his exercise regime by training with a PE Instructor face-to-face – albeit socially distanced!

Neil commented “Mr Kucheria is sensitive, open, and clear about what he is going to do. He was available for information and advice at any time. I have been injured all my life playing sport, so I have been particularly focused on finding the best consultant to help with my ongoing needs.

Six months on, I am living and working normally again. l am thoroughly enjoying playing 18 holes of golf and running three times a week for five miles a time.

Mr Kucheria has proved to be extremely valuable and I can confidently recommend him for robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery.”

See how Neil can now run six months after having surgery: