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Rob gets a hole in one after knee replacement surgery!

When golf courses opened up again on 29th March, Rob was one of the first teeing off, 15 weeks after having knee replacement surgery with Mr Bourke – and Rob even managed to get his first ever hole in one!

63-year-old Rob had always been a huge sports enthusiast, regularly playing golf with a seven handicap, tennis, plus skiing on the slopes at least once a year. But his knee was becoming more problematic and painful.

Rob had snapped his cartilage 30 years previously, and although he had an arthroscopy to clean his knee, he was advised he would need a knee replacement at some point.

Four years ago, on recommendation, Rob began seeing Mr Bourke to gauge his expert opinion. Contrary to other consultants’ advice, Mr Bourke said Rob was not ready to have knee replacement surgery, and instead should focus on having physiotherapy. After that, Rob saw Mr Bourke each year to review his progress. Mr Bourke said when he was no longer able play a round of golf or sleep at night - then he would  be ready to have surgery.

In December 2020, Rob had an MRI which showed his knee was now bone on bone.  He could no longer play golf and his knee felt really stiff. Rob was delighted to have the surgery on 14th December at the Parkside Suite in Wexham Park Hospital. He was in for two nights and within four days he was off both crutches. He began having physiotherapy with Katie Relf from South Bucks Physiotherapy and after three weeks he no longer needed pain killers, and after four weeks he could walk for thirty minutes.  After 12 weeks, Rob was able to start walking his dog up to an hour every day and go on his exercise bike for 20 minutes three times a week.

Rob said: “Mr Bourke’s advice was great and very patient focused. He concentrated on delaying surgery to ensure my new knee would last as long as possible. I have total confidence in Mr Bourke’s ability. He is young, has a lovely manner and completely trustworthy - I would have no hesitation in recommending him and also Katie Relf from South Bucks Physiotherapists who has been fantastic.”

Rob added: “It is such a huge relief to have had the surgery. I am walking much straighter and am sleeping well. It’s fantastic to finally get back to a new sense of normality, being back on the golf course in Denham and even getting my first ever hole in one!”