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Robin back playing golf six weeks after robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery

Robin age 71, had life-changing robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery last July with Mr Rakesh Kucheria.

Robin was 24-years-old when he had a bad accident and broke his pelvis; the consultant told him he would need a hip replacement by the age of 50.

Robin put up with pain over the many years and was even able to continue playing some sport. 

But during Lockdown last year, Robin’s pain was getting more intense and his wife noticed he was slanting more on his left-hand-side with a pronounced limp. Robin’s friend had benefitted from successful robotic-assisted surgery with Mr Kucheria and recommended Robin see him for treatment.

He went to see Mr Kucheria for an initial consultation at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital and imaging showed the ball joint had worn away, explaining Robin’s severe pain.

Robin had previously had two knee replacements using more traditional methods. With the Lockdown, private surgery was limited, but Robin wanted to have robotic surgery, as he had heard recovery was much quicker than its traditional counterpart - so he was willing to wait. Finally, Mr Kucheria was able to offer him a space at The Lister Hospital in Chelsea at the beginning of July 2020. Robin stayed in hospital for three days and two nights.

Six weeks later Robin was back playing golf and walking three miles a day.

Robin said, “Surgery could not have gone better. It’s  the best thing I have ever had done. If I’d known then what I know now, I would have had this surgery ten years ago. Mr Kucheria has perfectly extended my leg, so both legs are the same length and it feels great. Mr Kucheria is a lovely man and I have already recommended him to some of my friends.”