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Well done! 100th robotic hip surgery for Mr Rakesh Kucheria.

Big congratulations to  Mr Rakesh Kucheria who has performed his 100th surgery using the Mako® Robotic arm at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor. Mr Kucheria gained some excellent coverage in the Windsor Observer which you can look at here.

Mr Kucheria said, "A big thanks to BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital for supporting this ground-breaking technology which has helped so many patients needing hip and knee replacements." The Princess Margaret Hospital team ensured there was a sense of celebration in these COVID times with colourful balloons and tempting cupcakes. 

Mr Kucheria said “The Mako® robotic arm has revolutionised the way joint replacements are performed at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital. Mako® allows us to perform joint replacements with more accuracy than with conventional techniques, as each surgical plan is based on a patient's individual and specific diagnosis and anatomy. Patients undergoing Mako®-assisted joint replacements have less pain and better early function post-operatively.”   

The Mako® system is an advancement in the way orthopaedic surgeons perform hip and knee replacements and the technology comprises a surgical planning and navigation system combined with a robotic arm that is guided by Mr Kucheria and Mr BourkeTo book an appointment please call Mr Kucheria's secretary on 01753 830409.